Amazon Phone Number – Get No Longer Confused on Where to Call

Do we ever get stress because of being played by someone or something? Of course, it is such annoying when it is the holiday season, and we want to shop online. We are ready to buy some gifts for Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, as well as the New Year Eve. But somehow, to make the process of shopping faster is like impossible. Well, if we think so, then we can be one of the million fooled people on this planet. It is because today technology seems to get benefits from us. Not to mention the internet with the famous Amazon makes some people shake their heads. It is so since they cannot find a way out once they have a problem. Indeed, it is simple that all we need to do is to contact the Amazon Phone Number.

But as the websites are growing, we can hardly find the official contact or maybe the official website of Amazon. For our information, one of the most Chatterbox wanted places, where people can shop, is in With the feature of Amazon Chat, it makes the process of ordering becomes easier to control. But still, even it is famous today; the service is not as perfect as we think. Somehow, there is something wrong with the items we have ordered. Of course, we have a right to get the item match to the specifications we want.

In this case, we can try to ask for help by visiting the official website of Amazon and go to the Help menu. Under the menu, we will find some choices such as ordering, shipping, returns, and so on based on our needs. If we are not lucky, then we will get slow respond from the customer service. It must be much better if we try to get in touch with the Customer Service using the Amazon Phone Number.

Amazon Phone Number

For the next step, we can choose the choice of immediate assistance, and it will show us some sub menu. They are such as order yet refund questions, the account assistance, complete with the features and services. For our better knowledge, it is necessary for us to visit the page of frequently asked questions. Without a doubt, we can find some references from people with the same problem of ours. But there is something weird with Amazon!! So that we know, we will not find an Amazon Phone Number offered by the Amazon Customer Support. Of course, it is because the market has lacked in a customer service number. Or maybe, the market does not want us to find them? Well, whatever the reason, we need to keep fighting for the clarity of the items we have ordered.

We need to take a breath and relax as here we can find a solution for our problems. As we can see, Amazon Live Chat is available for all customers to express their feelings. In this case, the site mentions the customer service line which we can get in touch at 1-800-201-7575. In this case, there will be some fake websites mentioning other Amazon Phone Number. It will be wise if we do not fall in love with it and trust it without proof. In contrast, we need to set in our mind that the Amazon Phone Number, again, and again, is at 1-800-201-7575.

Nevertheless, there are some things we need to explain about the numbers we find on internet related to Amazon. Here are some of them with the reason they appear on our laptop screen.

Which one is the real Amazon Phone Number?

As Amazon offers some various products, and the customers are coming from the wide worlds, Amazon’s customer service helpline becomes busy. It makes everyone in needs must pay for a call. Well, if we want to get it for free, we need to take a risk that somehow we will get a queue call. It will be slow in the respond and will make us get more depressed. Alright, here are some ways to contact Amazon, such as:

The #1 Amazon Phone Number: 0870 183 0604

It is the number which we can call when we want to speak to the UK customer service advisor. In a simple way, we can get our phone and press the numbers of 0870 183 0604. This is such an ideal number to call when we talk about ordering things. We can send our feedback about our experience in doing the shopping. We can complain, we can say thanks, and other things such as asking information for job applications. For our information, the code 0843 will cost us 7p per minute. For the code of 0870, it will cost us 13p per minute without access charge. The costs will rise even more when we use our mobile phones from abroad.

The #2 Amazon Phone Number: 0800 496 1081

This is another way to contact the Amazon. For the best way, we can try to call Amazon’s free phone. Without a doubt, we will be free of charge in every second and minute we spend. But still, we need to take a note that the word free phone here means that it works for a standard UK BT landline phone. The 0800 numbers here indeed has the same cost with 0845. But we need to thank Ofcom’s call as 0800 numbers will cost us no money or for free through mobiles or landlines. For payphones as well as international calls, the normal price will work.

The #3 Amazon Phone Number: 0207 084 7911

This is the last numbers which we can call when we avoid getting routed to Amazon using a non-geographical number like 0800 and 0870. For our information, this is the official London office number which serves the free phone call. Well, still it is such a localized that it will cost us cheaper than all. For the best suggestion, we can call this number while it serves the best quality of the clearest audio. If we do not think so, then it should be the problem of the connection.

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service Phone Number?

When we have decided on which numbers we want to make a call, then here are two ways we can take to do so.

The #1 Method to Call Amazon Phone Number

Alright, now we cannot wait to make a report on our order status. When we are about to contact Amazon, it is important if we try to make an email or even do the Amazon Live Chat. Here are the ways we can do, such as:

  • Call Amazon Phone Number at 1(888) 280-4331 as it is the direct general customer service line when we cannot use our Amazon account or when we have doubt about which department to contact
  • Log into our Amazon account, and find the menu of “Help.”
  • Then, it will show us some contact details which we can choose based on the specific problems we have
  • As it connects to our account and email, Amazon will get it easier to review the orders we made
  • Click the link entitled Need More Help?
  • Click Contact Us
  • In this case, we need to make sure whether we have logged into our account to Amazon website
  • Then, we can choose the orders which we need to buy
  • For better details of the items, we can see the series, the returning, the requesting refunds, and other offers
  • Then, we can click the issue we face now
  • Find the link entitled Tell us more about our issue
  • Once we do, then we can decide where Amazon has to contact us related to the problems we send
  • This person contact question will show when we click Tell us more about the matter menu
  • We can put our email if we prefer to get written solution for our problems, and we can track the number for the sake of reply
  • If we choose phone, the Amazon side then will call us with the certain department they have decided
  • If we love to make a chit chat, then we can try the Amazon Chat that we will be able to chat online with the staff of the Amazon who is expert in resolving the problem

The #2 Method to call Amazon Phone Number

For the next method, we can first make sure on the reasons why we need to call the customer service. It will help us much to save our time as we can tell the problem in a clear way. If it is necessary, we can think about the best-case response which we want to listen from Amazon. For example, we may need to return an item. Besides, we may need a refund, or maybe we have got mistreatment or other mistakes. All reasons we can say to the staff with a clear idea. We need to make sure that we speak in a clear, calm, and direct way as well to avoid worse problems. If we send an email, then we need to write the reasons why we are doing so. We can suggest the best solution help Amazon make it done faster.

When we make a call, it is best if we keep all records complete with the confirmation numbers. Besides, we need to take a not on the shipping notes in advance. In an instant way, we can say that the process will finish faster if we have more information. So, it is crucial for us to gain the information before we make a call, send an email, or even start to make an argument. When we get the worst day, and the staffs ignore our multiple times call, then we need to mention the operator’s name. We can mention the tracking number so that we can go on with our complaint. Of course, it is our right to get mad, but still, we need to keep our attitude as not terrible as theirs.

To make us sit in a comfort zone, then we need to figure out on the fairest or worst solution that the Amazon may give to us. It is best to tell Amazon that they have done something wrong when we want to turn the discussion into our powerful arguments. In this case, we need to get ready for them to argue us back. Here, they will say that they are on the right track but still we have a right to show where they made a mistake. We can mention how they ignored us and found out for both fairness.

It is crucial for us to be fair instead of being ego. It should create advantages for us and Amazon side. In uttering our opinion, we need to ask in a polite way. For example, we can say sorry first and then we can tell how we want to talk to another staff that can help us more. For the best tip, if we want to get a higher priced refund, we need to talk to the manager. Of course, we need to be professional here as being a loyal customer.

Overall, the buyer is the king. We may have a right to contact Amazon Phone Number to get our problem solved. But still, all we need to do is to be kind and civil.  Once we get angry, it will create more problem Moreover when we yell out to the staff. We should not bully as we should not hurt someone who is working for their family. We need to set in our mind that Amazon indeed does not have to help us. They do help us because they want to save our business. It is their way to express that they respect us as a customer. When we talk about our great anger, then everything we want will not come true. So, best luck!

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