ADP Aline: The Smartest Information We Should Know About

Today, we can see everything must come up and available on the internet. Not to mention, we can have great online shops with thousands of customers. In doing business, we must need employees and other things, including the salary. Well, it must be complicated that we have to take care of them one by one. We need to count the taxes, the income, the outcome, and so on. Then, once we have done with the calculation, we have to go to the bank to transfer the money. And we have to go back as we find a problem about the payment. Ey come on! This is 2017, and all we need is to have ADP Aline. Without a doubt, it can help us in managing our money better than us. No longer going to the bank every day and we are going to make our business awesome!

When we agree to make the job efficient, we need to get ready for what we are about to do. In this case, we need to know the ways to access ADP Aline or what is famous with ADP TotalPay card. For our information, we can access our ADP Aline account via online besides, if we love to go around, we can do it in some ATM locations. But of course, we need to register or activate the account first so that we can access it online. We can visit the official page of ADP Aline Card at MyCard.ADP.Com.

This page will be efficient for an instant access which will help us to view our balance information and other choices. Without a doubt, we can enjoy the free transactions through all PNC Bank ATMs. We can use the Allpoint and even the Money Pass. Yes, it means that we can make the Payroll checks complete with the Federal tax refunds get direct deposit on our card. So, we can add money as we buy the green MoneyPak card.

How to Activate ADP Aline Card Account Online for Our Company?

If we are excited of registering a new account for ADP Aline Card, we will find it easy. So that we know, this card offer us more hundreds of advantages than the general bank account. We can get all facilitates as the holders; we can check our account balances, complete with controlling all transactions. Even more, we can handle our financial activities using the card and online access. As long as we have a secure connection, we can do the transfer, paycheck, direct deposit, and so on.

ADP Aline

Now, we can apply the ADP Aline for the sake of our company. If we have a financial account, then we can continue to register. But still, we need to make sure that the card is not expired so that we can use the service well. Alright, without making it longer, here are some steps to get our ADP Aline Card for our company website. Here they are:

  • Open the best internet browser we have, such as Mozilla, Chrome, Safari.
  • Click the link or copy paste it to the address bar which is www.MyCard.ADP.Com to reach the page of ADP Aline.
  • When it shows the homepage, then we need to find the choice of “activate my card” and click it.
  • Then, we need to complete all personal data asked by the page.
  • Put our card number in a proper box so that we do not make it wrong.
  • We can see the card number printed on our physical card from the bank.
  • Do check whether we have put the data in a correct way.
  • Once we are sure with what we have put there, we can click “Continue”.
  • The page then will ask us to put the expiry month details of our ADP card.
  • When our card gets the expired day, then we need to activate it using our new which is still active.
  • Put the details of the expiry year if we want to get the new card.
  • Follow all process asked for this activation.
  • When we get a problem, then we need to contact the representative for the activation process.

If we want to register the cards for our employees, then we need to ask the company to get the confirmation for the activation process. There are two types of ADP Aline which can help us using the features.

For the first one, it is the eW-2. Here are some advantages which we will get, such as:

  • We will get a notification via email when we have posted the form.
  • We will get it fast as we will not need to wait for the sake of mail delivery.
  • So, we no need to worry as the page will not send sensitive information through the email.
  • We can import current tax years from W-2s into other products and services of tax preparation.
  • If we want to get the electronic form of W2, we can visit

For the eSTATEMENTS, we will get the paperless pay. Here are the other advantages of applying this one, such as:

  • It will allow us to get our pay information through electronic
  • We will find that every pay cycle gets posted to a secure website
  • We can see the statement history up to three years period
  • To get this one, we can visit ADP at https://MyAline.ADP.Com/

How if our Employee has no bank account for ADP Aline Card?

Well, it must be depressing seeing our employees do not have a bank account. Of course, it will create problems when we want to do the transaction. But we no need to get worried as we can do the fast access using a new MyCard ADP. Here are the ways how it can prove us that it is efficient, such as:

  • We will find our money gets deposited to our ADP Aline Card.
  • We will get it available on payday.
  • So, we no need the credit check as well as a line of credit.
  • We will no need to pay for the maintenance fees each month.
  • We can make the transaction everywhere as this Visa debit cards have the supports.
  • Then, we can get cash back when we register Visa Prepaid cards.
  • We can do the withdraw money up to 70k surcharge-free ATMs.
  • We can pay some bills using ADP Aline Card.
  • Besides, we can transfer our money to some US bank accounts.
  • We can ask for additional cards for our precious family members.
  • We can get protection from the illegal transaction with Visa’s Zero Liability Policy when our ALINE Card gets lost or stolen.
  • The last, we can visit ADP at http://Mycard.Adp.Com/

About ADP Aline Solutions in Login and Support

In accessing our important personal as well as business information, we must need a secure connection. In this case, ADP Aline has the best system that we no longer worry of getting hacked. We can check our pay complete with the W2 tax statements in an easy way. We can track our ADP Aline Card and see the ADP balances. The transactions here will get noted in our card with the details of the clock we send the timesheet. We can view the plan information based on our employer.

Now, when we have owned a User ID as well as the password for, we can access the features. They are such as the ADP Workforce Now, the iPayStatements, and the ADP Employee Self Service as well. Besides, we can access the ADP TotalSource, while ADP Resource is available. With the same User ID and Password, we can log into ADP Mobile Solutions which will make it more efficient.

The Eligibility Requirements of ADP Aline

For our information, the application of ADP Mobile Solutions is available for all ADP clients. Here, it serves the general supports such as iPay Statements, the Workforce Now 2.0, as well as Portal Self Service. For great business, we can try to use the Vantage as well as Enterprise HR. in another hand, when we think that our businesses are still small, then we can use the solution of online payroll management. We can use the RUN, the HR solution, and ADP TotalSource as well. All we need is the ADP User ID and of course with the password.

The Important Information about ADP Aline We Should Know

If we want to register online, then we can try to visit In this case, we can download the W2. To make the process run well, then we need to keep our BelFlex registration code. Here, we can contact our branch to get the code we need. Then, we can continue to complete the registration. Once we do, we can access our paystubs complete with W2’s. For our information, our paystubs are available on our MyAline.ADP.Com. If we want to get the priority, then we can access it through Ceridian at

Somehow, in registering our ADP, we will not see our paystubs or maybe our W2. For this reason, we can try to contact ADP to ask for help at 1-855-714-8188. It will help much when we forget our username and the password. When we have finished with the steps and they still not work, then we can send an email to Then, we will get the feedback within one up to 2 business days.

Talking about the Pay Stubs, here are the steps which we can take to access it. They are such as:

  • Go to official ADP Aline website.
  • Put our user name complete with the password in a proper way.
  • If we are such a new worker, then we need to complete the registration steps.
  • When we have some questions, we can contact the service center at this number 800-729-5432, we can ask for our pass code of ADP.
  • Click the button entitled Register for myAline.
  • Put the registration code.
  • click Go.
  • put our identity information; they are our full name, last four number of SSN or social security number, complete with our birth date.
  • click Next.
  • put our email address which is valid as need it to get the notification.
  • Answer some security questions showed for the sake of we forget our password.
  • click Next.
  • now we can login to our ADP using the user ID with the password.

If we want to access our W2s or what we know as the Tax statements, then we can follow the steps here, such as:

  • Go to the website of Equifax W2 management.
  • Put our employer code, or the employer name.
  • Click go.
  • Put our employee ID.
  • When we have no idea about our employee ID, then we need to check our recent pay stubs as it gets printed there.
  • click Continue.
  • put our PIN number, it is the same with the last four number of our SSN.
  • Click Login.
  • Finish all six steps showed.
  • We need to change our password for the sake of security.
  • Login with our new password.
  • Click the link entitled Go Paperless.
  • Click on the button of Test Now.
  • Put our personal details with the mailing information.
  • click Save.

Once we have finished the entire process, then we will get a notification when our new W2 form gets posted. Overall, there are some ways which we can do to make our business run better. With ADP Aline, we can make everything neat. We can handle our employees, the payment, taxes and so on with this healthy system. Without a doubt, if can serve our employees well, they will increase the productivity and create more customers. So, keep up the best work and do not give up as we do cannot predict what is in front of us. It can be the precious diamond that is waiting for us. So, best luck!

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