ACES login – Guideline to Change the Work Schedule

Limited Brands is an international company which sells popular brands. It has Limited ACES portal for its staffs. The ACES ETM L Brands is open for all current workers of the company. But, if you do not work at L Brands anymore, you will not have access to the site. After 30 days of your termination, you cannot reach ACES login. Your employee ID is not valid anymore.

The former staffs of L Brands should contact HR Direct. They can ask the employment question by then. In fact, ACES Limited Brands is the source to manage personal employment matter. For instance, the staffs can manage the schedule. Furthermore, you can access the pay statement online as well.

It is a must to process ACES login when you want to access ACES ETM account. You should have registered at Limited Brands Access. If you do not have L Brands account, you should create it at When you have set up your ACES ETM login ID, you can continue to sign into Limited Brands. Just follow the instruction below:

aces login

  • Access L Brands employee page.

You can visit or

  • Select My Job menu.

This link is on the left part of the page. The link will bring you to ACES login page. But, if you go straight into ACES Limited Brands ETM page, you can skip this activity. It is because; you can land directly on the Limited Brands ACES login page.

  • Complete the fields on the login page.

There is a difference between the user ID of L Brands store and Home Office associates. If you work as L Brands store associates, you should input your employee ID. But, if you are a DMS or home office associate, you have to input the network ID. Then, you can enter the password which associates with your user ID.

There is no Reset Password button in the login section. So, if you do not remember your passcode, you should call Stores Technology Service at 1.877.415.7911. This hotline is also useful if you want to create a new password.

  • Tap the Submit link.

When you have inputted the correct employee or network ID along with the password, you can click on blue submit button below the login fields. It will process your request to reach your Limited Brands ACES account.

When you can access your ACES Limited Brands account, you can explore your profile. For instance, you can view your online pay statement. Moreover, you can view the online schedule as well. Through ACES Login, you are free to change your schedule. It becomes the main reason why L Brands staffs access ACES ETM portal.

How to Check the Schedule at ACES Limited Brands

For the convenience, L Brands provides the online schedule for its workers. The schedule is very crucial for the L Brands part-time staffs. It is because; they may work in the different shift every week. That is why the store associates should be diligent to check the time when they should work. They may work in the morning shift. Then, in the next week, they may have a duty in the afternoon shift. So, they should be ready to work whenever the HR asks them.

Luckily, L Brands provides an online system which the staffs can check the schedule anytime. The associates do not have to ask the working time to the supervisor or HR manager. They can check L Brands online schedule by themselves. What they need are only computer and ACES login details. Check the guidelines below to assist you in viewing the schedule online at ACES ETM.

  • Log into your ACES account.

As usual, you can go to Then, you should input the employee ID number and password. The next, you should select the Submit button to confirm it.

  • Select My Job.

If you are logging in via Limited Brands site, you should choose My Job. Then, this menu will transfer you to the ACES ETM login page; you can sign in as the step above. But, it will be faster if you skip this way. You can go directly to ACES ETM L Brands.

  • Work Schedule

The site will display the L Brands work schedule at the top of the page. Now you can see the details of the time when you should work. You can see the previous and the next schedule. It will show your working hours as well. So, you can know the shift which you are on duty.

That is the simplest way to view your L Brands schedule. Since this company has many product brands, the system provides the schedule for all staffs. So, whether you work at La Senza or Bath & Body Works, you can see your schedule at ACES L Brands site.

How to Change Your Availability to Work

L Brands allows its staffs to modify the schedule. It means you can request the day off. Every person may have something urgent which they cannot leave. For instance, your child is sick or other family problems. In this situation, you can ask the time off. When you set your availability online, the HR will decide whether you can have the day off or not. But, you should make sure that you ask for the day off due to the urgent problem.

In fact, the way to change your online schedule is easy. You just have to follow the steps below.

  • Sign into your ACES account

Do the login process as stated in the guideline above. You need to enter the employee ID or network ID. Then you can input the password into the available box. The login request will be processed once you hit the Submit button.

  • Select Work Schedule.

This menu will show you the details of your working time. You can review your schedule for the following or previous week. You should decide on what day you need to off.

  • Select the availability tab.

This option will display the date as well as the hours which you are available to work. If you think that you cannot work on a certain day, you can change your work shift or schedule. Then, you should go down to the bottom of the page. You will find New button. This link is useful to create new working arrangement. So, you can set the day off on the date when you should work.

  • Edit the date and time.

Now you can specify the date and hours you cannot work. You can request the whole day off. Besides, you also can ask for the time off for certain hours. For instance, if your problem is so urgent, you can ask not to go to work for one day. But, if you want to be off for some hours, you can set the times of your unavailability.

You can select the start date as well as the end date in which you are available. When you want to be off, you should leave the date and time area blank. But, if you want to request not to work for some hours, you can set up the time. For instance, if you have something to do in the morning, you can still work the afternoon shift. So, you can set the time into 12 am – 6 pm.

  • Write some notes.

In the bottom of the date and time section, you will find comment field. Leaving a note to your boss is necessary. He will know the important reason why you cannot go to work. In this note, you should also restate the day and time when you need to get the day off. Indeed, this note will be helpful when you choose incorrect date or time. Here is the sample of the note. I would like to be off the entire day on November 2nd as I have to attend parents meeting in my son’s school. Through this comment, your boss may realize that you really cannot go to work. You have to be honest so that your manager grants your request.

  • Check the schedule later.

For the next few days, you should come back to ACES L Brands schedule. On the message tab in ACES login site; you may receive the message from your boss. He may want to let you know that he approves your request. But, you should realize that some stores have set up the schedule a month ahead. Usually, the HR cannot change the default schedule. So, that is why your request gets rejected.

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