ACES Limited Brands – Guideline to Ask for the Time off

Limited Brands is a well known international retail company. It has famous brands such as Henri Bendel, Pink, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, and La Senza. Other subdivisions of L Brands are C.O Bigelow, VS, as well as the White Bam Candle Company. Operating many high-end brands, Limited Brands ACES becomes a large clothing retailers company. It owns nearly 3000 stores in shopping centers. Without a doubt, L Brands employs plenty staffs. All staffs of L Brands have access to ACES ETM. This portal is an employee self-service network. ACES Limited Brands is only for authorized users only.

ACES Limited Brands is for the employee of L Brands. After 30 days of your termination, this portal will no longer be accessible for you. So, if you still have any questions about your employment matter, you should contact your former HR. On the other words, ACES ETM is only for the current worker of L Brands. But, if you are an active employee but you cannot access ACES website, you have to contact your manager or supervisor. You may face login problem. It may be caused by entering the invalid password. Besides, the site may suspend your account. So, you should meet your supervisor soon to ask about it.

ACES Limited Brands serves as HR website. It provides crucial information about Limited Brands. The site is so interactive that you can find what you need fast. Besides, you can choose the language. The portal has English and Spanish language choices. The website allows the users to view and manage their personal info. For instance, it enables you to see the benefits, change your profile, request the time off, etc. Furthermore, you can check the payroll information too.

How to Request the Days Off at ACES Limited Brands

The new users of ACES Limited Brands may get difficulty how they use the site. Especially the newly hired staff may get confused when they navigate the website. In fact, you can explore the portal to find what you need. For instance, you can view the schedule as well as ask for the days off.When you cannot work for some days, you should ask for the time off. But, make sure that the reason why you leave is urgent. For instance, you should see the doctor.

ACES Limited Brands

Luckily, you can manage the schedule at ACES ETM. With easy steps, you can set up your availability to work. So, you do not need to see your supervisor ask for permission. Since ACES Limited Brands is one-stop service site, you can request the day off easily. ACES ETM has a scheduling feature which you can update.

Procedures to request the day off

  • Log into your ACES account.

There are two ways of ACES login. First, you can go to Limited Brands site. Then, you should try to find My Job menu. This link is in the left-hand section of the L Brands home page. When you click on My Job, you will land to ACES ETM login page. The second method is simpler than the first one. You can go straight to the login page of ACES. Here is the URL:

After that, you should enter the valid employee ID number. You must not include the zero numbers at the beginning. So your user ID will consist of only six or seven digits. But, if you are a Direct Manager or home office staff, you should enter the network ID. The next, you can fill another field with your password. Finally, you will reach your ACES account once you press Submit button.

  • Tap the work schedule menu.

You have to make a new availability schedule to ask for the days off. First, you need to click on the schedule button. This option is on the top of the work calendar. Then, the ACES ETM will show you your current work pattern. This table shows the days and shift you should work.

  • Click on the New button.

You can find the New option at the bottom part of the page. This menu is useful to request the days off. This way, you can change your availability. You can be off on the day you should normally work.

  • Choose the date.

You will see the fields entitled Start Date and End Date. This option will help you to set up your off days. You can choose the date which you need to be off. For instance, if you need to leave for three days, you can choose the day you start to be off and the last date. Besides, you can select whatever date you need if it is multiple days.

  • Adjust the time.

If you wish not to work at all on your off day, you should not do anything on the time field. The site will also show the start time and the end time of your leaving. But, when you only need the evening off, you can adjust the time. You just need to set the time 12 am – 6 pm. It is the way when you do not ask for the whole days off. This setting means, you will work in the morning shift, but you cannot work for full time. It is because you have to leave at 12 am.

  • Add some comments.

You will see the comment section under the schedule. You can use this field to type the reason why you need to be off. Besides, you also can type that you are not available for a certain date. So, your manager will notice your intention.

That is the easy guideline to show your unavailability to work through ACES ETM. But, you should ask for the time off at least two weeks in advance. So, your manager can re-arrange the schedule easily. Besides, there is no guarantee that they grant your request. The company can deny your time off request. Before you ask for the day off, you should read the Limited Brands policy first. This way, you will get the deep understanding about requesting the time off.

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