How to Access Sears Credit Card Login and 88Sears Associate Login

Sears Holding Corporation is one of the greatest companies in the US. This company runs the retail stores. It is the owner of two well-known retail brands. They are Kmart and Sears. Headquartered in Illinois, Chicago, this company can expand fast. It has more than 1500 retails. No doubt, Sears became the largest retail in the US in 2014. To support its business, Sears launched a credit card for its customers. With Sears credit card, the shoppers can get the shopping benefits from Sears. For instance, Sears provides some discounts for the credit card holders. So, you should access Sears Credit card login page soon.

When you apply for Sears credit card for the first time, you will get the attractive discount. You have two choices of credit cards. The first Sears credit card offers $10 off. When your credit card gets the approval, you can use it to purchase at Kmart or Sears.  Besides, the second Sears credit card offers $15 off. Then, you also can use it to shop, and it is shown as the statement credit.

With the more benefits offered, you should register at Sears credit card login page soon. This credit card can boost your power to shop at Sears and Kmart. Here are some of the benefits offered by Sears credit card login.

  • You can earn extra points.

When you make a transaction by using Sears Credit card, you will earn the points. Then, you can add your points at the restaurant and gas station.

  • It has some financing options.

Sears credit card can help you to avoid the financial problem. It is because this credit card helps you to choose the finance categories. So, you will get the special financing option at Kmart and Sears.

  • There is no annual fee.

Sears credit card login is different from other credit cards. When you use this card, you do not need to pay the annual fee. So, you can enjoy the benefits without paying credit card fees.

  • It has the strong protection and security.

Sears has the strong security to protect your card. For instance, it has the special feature called Citi Identify Theft Solutions. So, when your credit card is stolen, Sears will secure it. So, someone else cannot use your card. Besides, it applies $0 liability for the unauthorized purchase.

What are the Steps to Apply for Sears Credit Card?

Applying Sears credit card is not as difficult as you think. It is because you can do it online. So, you do not have to queue at the bank. The requirements are also easy to fulfill. You just need to fill out the Credit card application form online. But, before you start accessing Sears application page, you should prepare some items. For instance, the site may ask you to enter the annual income. Besides, you have to prepare your SSN. When everything is well-prepared, you can complete the application faster.

Sears Credit Card Login

When you want to apply for Sears MasterCard online, you should visit Then, you can click on Apply Now. The next, you should complete these details:

  • Name.

The name is the most important part of the application. So, you should enter your first, middle and last name. The middle initial is optional to enter.

  • Email address.

Entering the email address enables Sears to contact you easily. So, make sure that the email id you enter in this application is active. Besides, the Citibank as the provider of Sears Credit card can inform you about the service. Moreover, you will get informed about the Sears promotion.

  • Address.

You must input your address completely. The Citibank site has provided some boxes where you can enter your address. For instance, you can write the street, apartment, city, state, along with your zip code. But, you can not enter PO BOX address.

  • Phone number.

Then, you have to enter the valid phone number you have. Then, you can select the type of phone. For instance, it can be the mobile phone, home telephone, or the phone number in your workplace. By entering the phone number, Sears or Citibank can contact you via call or text. So, you can get the latest info about Sears credit card offers and services.

  • Financial info.

In this section, Citibank asks you to enter the detailed info about your financial condition. First, you should enter your total income in a year. Then, you should input the total of monthly rent payment. For instance, you can enter the total of payment to rent the apartment. The last, you should select your residential status. For instance, you can tell that you rent or own the house.

  • SSN.

The next, you have to enter your social security number. The SSN usually consists of nine digits. Entering SSN in the process of credit card application is crucial. It is because the Citibank can check your credit history in the National Credit Bureau.

  • Date of birth.

The last information you need to enter is the date of birth. Now, you have completed the Sears credit card application form.

  • Read the account terms and details.

Then you have to review the term and details about Sears Credit card login. It explains about the offers, interest rate, and charge, plus other requirements. Then, you can click on Agree. The last, you can submit your Sears card application.

How to Verify Sears Credit Card

When you get the approval from Sears, you cannot use Sears credit card immediately. First, you have to verify your card at Sears Credit card login. Registering Sears card enables you to access your Sears online account. So, you can manage your Sears credit card online. Verifying your card details only takes a few minutes. The steps to register your Sears card are simple. Here are the guidelines to verify the information on your card.

  • Visit Sears Credit card login page.

There are two addresses you can visit. The first is When you load this URL, it will direct you to Besides, the second website is Then, you have to look for the link to register your credit card.

  • Enter the Sears Credit Card number.

The first step to verify your Sears card is by entering the card number. The number is printed on the front side of Sears credit card.

  • Enter your name.

Then, you have to write the name as it displayed on your Sears card. Then, you must be careful in spelling the name. You should not misspell even only one word.

  • Enter the security code.

Every Sears credit card has the security code. It is on the back of your Sears credit card. This code usually consists of three numbers.

  • Input the SSN number of the cardholder.

You just need to enter the last four digits of the cardholder’s social security number.

By verifying your card information, you can have the online access to your Sears credit card. Then, you can pay Sears credit card bill online. So, accessing Sears Credit card login will make your life easier.

What are Sears Credit Card Login Guidelines?

After verifying the data of your credit card, you can access your Sears card account. You will need Sears user id and password. The login process to Sears credit account is also simple. Check this out.

  • Visit

From this portal, you can explore all about Sears credit card. For instance, you can view the benefits of the Sears credit card. Besides, you can apply for Sears Mastercard as well. Moreover, this site is the only portal where you can log into Sears credit card account.

  • Sign on to my credit account.

This Sign In option is on the top right corner of the page. When you select it, you will land on the new portal Then, you can find Sears credit card login section on the left side of your screen.

  • Input the Sears credit card user ID and password.

When you want the Citi bank online portal to save your user ID, you have to click on Remember My User ID. Then, there are also the help links if you forget your password and User ID. When you forgot your user ID, you should click on Retrieve User ID. Besides, if you forgot Sears password, you can click on Reset password. Then, the site also asks you to change your Sears password every two or three months. It is the way to increase your credit card security.

After signing into Sears credit account, you can manage your Sears card. For instance, you can pay the bills anytime and anywhere. Then, you will be easy to track your account activity. Besides, you can set up the alert to remind you about the payment. The last, Sears credit card holder will get the exclusive offers from Sears.

What are the Offers from Sears for the Sears Card Holders?

As stated before, Sears cardholders will get the exclusive offers from this retail company. After you activate your Sears card, you can shop at Sears and get these valuable discounts.

  • Home Appliances discount.

You can get 5% off on certain items of home appliances over $499. Then, if you pay it within 12 months, there will be no interest.

  • Fitness items discount.

Besides, you can get 5% off when you purchase the fitness equipment over $299. Also, there is no interest when you pay in full 12 months.

  • Lawn and garden items discount.

The Sears cardholders deserve to get 5% off for lawn and garden equipment over $299. When you pay the full purchase balance before 12 months, Sears will not apply the interest. This offer is valid until April 2017.

  • Tool discount.

When you purchase the tools either in the store or online, Sears will give %5 off. This discount is only for the items over $299. Besides, there is no interest if you pay within 12 months. This item will be valid until April 2017.

  • Outdoor living discount.

Searching outdoor living tools? Just go to Sears and get 5% off for the items which are over $299. Besides, there is no interest if the purchase balance is paid in 12 months.

  • Furniture.

Do you want to buy the furniture for your house? Then, you should go to Sears to get 5% off. This discount is for selected furniture items over $499. Besides, Sears will not charge any interest to your account when it is paid within 12 months.

What are the Steps for Sears Associate Login?

Sears Holding Company does not only have Sears Credit Card login portal. But, it also has the online portal for its associate. This portal is 88sears. In fact, the Sears employees can access this online site to access the working information. Besides, through this online account system, they can view the employee benefits as well. But, Sears 88 login page is only for Sears employees.

Sears associates can access all about their employment. For instance, they can view the paystub as well as schedule. They can look up the working info at My Personal Information menu. So, how is the procedure to access 88sears associate login page? Here is the easy guideline for you.

  • Access

88sears is one portal for all purposes. The Sears associate can view all details related to their jobs. You will find three primary menus on 88Sears. Since you want to sign into 88Sears associate login, you should focus on the third menu. The menu is Resources and Contact.

  • Click on MPI or My Personal Information.

Once you select MPI link, you will land to the 88Sears Associate Login. Then, you will land to In this new page, you can find Sears 88 login section on the right part of the page.

  • Input the Sears Enterprise ID along with 88Sears password.

The next, you should enter your Sears enterprise ID in the provided box. After that, you can write Sears password on the next box. The last, you must click on the Black login button.

After login, you can enjoy the service offered by Sears 88 login page. For instance, you can check the working hours and schedule. Besides, the associates also can view the current and previous paystubs. Moreover, you can access the info about W2, W4, as well as payroll debit card. The last, you will have access to view working benefits including the pension plan and saving plan.

Warning: This article contains credit card material. Remember, Moslem are forbidden to use credit card or other banking products. Credit card can drive you to the usury.

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